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Qigong Teacher Training

The Qigong Teacher Training course is open to practitioners of Qigong, existing Tai Chi/Qigong teachers from all traditions, graduates of Shiatsu and related disciplines who have a personal Qigong practice. No specific academic qualifications are required for this course, however a commitment to practice and reflection on your own educational and learning experience is important.

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Qigong Teacher Training (Residential)

This is a rolling programme of three, week-long intensives, providing a Qigong teacher training that deepens your knowledge and understanding of Qigong and of the art of teaching. You will complete the three weeks spread over twelve months from your start date with an additional 6 months to consolidate your practical teaching experience. Face to face teaching with two of our teaching team will be supported by our online learning environment which provides extensive resources for your home study.

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Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructors Courses (Set One and Two)

Shibashi Set One is an ideal beginners practice for spreading the benefits of Qigong into your community. This foundation instructors course will prepare you to demonstrate the movements of Shibashi Set One, and the basic Qigong mode and posture requirements to align body, breath and mind.

In addition to learning 18 additional movements, Shibashi Set Two builds on level one, developing your sensitivity to Qi, your knowledge and experience of Qigong principles including the cultivation and refinement of Qi.

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Certificate of Education and Training

This Level 4 qualification is part of the Qualification and Curriculum Framework which means that it is a nationally recognised teaching qualification in the Further Education and Skills sector. It allows you to obtain work as an associate teacher in Further Education as well as progress to the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (not provided by the Shiatsu College).

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